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Welcome, Michael

Let’s get started building your website!

Your website is the backbone of your online marketing efforts. It is our goal to create a website that you can be proud to send visitors to.

On this page, we are explaining the process and the plan of how we will work together to deliver you a great result. Below you will find:

1. Timeline – This is the map of how we will create your website. Please note that it is important to provide us with all information we require and to action revisions requests as soon as you can to avoid slowing down the timeline.We will keep you updated and inform you when these are needed.

2. Content & Briefs – We will require some key information to mould for your website. These come in the way of three briefs that we will send to you at the beginning of your project. It would be great if you could set some time aside to work on these. See how we collect information in the tab below.

3. Revisions – We know you are busy. To keep the project moving, we have created a process to provide us with understandable, trackable and deliverable feedback. Take a moment to watch the video to understand how it works.

Your project manager will be your key contact and willmake sure that everything moves on smoothly. Please feel free to reach out to him at any point and expect a few emails and WhatsApp messages as we go.

Here is to building you a great website!



The Blueprint

Building a website is like building a house. We need to start with a plan. The first step is a phone call to run through the process and understand your vision of the perfect website. We will also explain how the project will roll out. At this stage, we start capturing the data to prepare for the next step.




Creating the look and feel of your website gives us a shared vision of how the project will look at completion. We use the information you provide in the design and the visual briefs to create a mock-up of the finished project. We work with you until you are 100% happy and satisfied. While we are working on this, you can start putting together the content brief.




We provide a copywriter to mould your message for the new website, but we will need some key information from you to start. Our content brief sets this step out clearly and gives you all the necessary tools to help you gather the details we need. We are here to answer all questions you might have along the way. Behind the scenes, we are turning your idea into a sparkling new website.




Your content starts coming together (we know this can take a little while). Meanwhile, we continue moulding your website, set up your free guide for capturing leads and keep working through the copywriting. Like a building project, we are getting our hands dirty behind the scenes.




By this point, we will be copywriting the key messages of your website, adjusting your lead magnet and making sure everything is coming along well. It is time to give us feedback to ensure we are on the right track. We will show you how to do this through our easy feedback tool.



Updates & Finishing Touches

If we received all the necessary info on time, this week is all about dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s to create a great final product. We want to get your site ready for you to start advertising it. We will guide you through the process to complete the project.



Launch Week

Launch week is finally here. You will need to sign the build off on our online form and set up your hosting through our way system. We will make sure to launch your website towards the end of the week. We will use the weekend to monitor it and make sure it runs smoothly. We will squash any bugs and have it fresh and ready for you on the following Monday.



You Are Live

Once the website is live, we offer you 4 weeks of changes at no extra cost. These include adding testimonials, a tweak here and there and loading any additional projects you may want to add. You will have access to adjust the site yourself, but we are here to back you up in the future if you get too busy (a good thing).

For your project, we have three key briefs. These can be completed all in one go or one by one as the project progresses.

We want to make it easy for you and your team to provide us with actionable revisions. This will help to move the project along swiftly. Please take a moment to watch the video on how to use our revisions tool below.

Project Manager

Your project manager is: Philip

Philip will be guiding you through the process. He will be the point of contact between our creative director, coders, writers & designers.

You can email Philip below or easily contact him through WhatsApp (which keeps track of all the messages, voice notes & calls along the way).